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Sherry Threat —
I was already using the ABLE process.

No one expects you to know everything when you start a new job. But it can be a pleasant surprise when the new process you need to learn is just a new name for something you already understand.

When Sherry Threat, senior disbursement analyst, moved from FedEx Express to FedEx Services, she continued to apply the QDM principles and tools she had already been using at FedEx Express, which allowed her to make a smooth transition across operating companies. It kept confusion about the process to a minimum.

Sherry noted, "QDM gives people an opportunity to look for anything out there from your perspective to optimize, improve, or innovate. Working with QDM can be something as simple as trying to identify a better filing system for your desk. Or realizing that you run the same report 25 different ways and someone else probably does it another 25 different ways, and maybe there is one way that's better or more efficient."

For team members, Sherry outlines the ABLE process and shares the tools that help create success stories. She'll even offer some of the projects that didn't go well, because then she can talk about why the idea wasn't the right solution and where they went wrong in the process.

Quality Driven Management and the Power of Networking
As a QDM Expert, Sherry believes the power of QDM isn’t just a set of tools for project management or problem solving. Studying and implementing QDM have also helped her network with other team members at all levels of management and across operating companies. Since she received her certification, she has had the opportunity to mentor four other QDM experts.

Plus, Sherry's experiences with QDM have helped her career. "People know my name. They will call or be referred by someone, which gives me more connections and a broader arena to leverage when I'm trying to identify gaps that need to be addressed."