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QDM training helps us do more with less work.

We work in a culture of continuous improvement. Some changes inevitably require months of hard work, big budgets, and upheaval. Others may call for only subtle improvements to the existing system.

Quality Driven Management (QDM) has the power to make work easier for every FedEx employee by helping to determine which type of project is needed: a cross-OpCo, cross-functional Quality Action Team (QAT) or a simple improvement or innovation.

Simplifying QDM for the Frontline

For the members of the Western Region QDM Council, demonstrating the benefits of QDM is an ongoing mission. When they noticed neither management nor frontline employees were using QDM, the council identified a quick win solution to help increase engagement: the QDM Summit.

They prepared a booklet and presentation for general managers of FedEx Retail Logistics. The workshop walked the managers through QDM principles and available tools. Plus, it connected each of the six principles to what the managers were already doing, which simplified the message and showed them how they were already applying QDM principles in their work every day.

All of the attendees walked away from training with materials and notes, as well as new connections with other managers who understand how to use QDM. Now that each FedEx Retail Logistics facility has been trained, annual goals have been implemented to help each general manager continually improve.

Annual Goals for General Managers:
Attend monthly QDM Council calls
Create one innovation
Assemble a Quality Action Team (or have one in the works)

Quality Driven Management in Action

QDM provides the methods and tools to optimize business processes, minimizing waste, cost, and effort — and ultimately delivering the superior experiences that customers expect. QDM makes substantial optimization projects possible by taking into account the needs of both the facility and the end consumer.

When one Quality Action Team (QAT) decided to build a fulfillment solution for a national e-commerce retailer using a FedEx fulfillment facility, they used the principles of QDM to incorporate directed work into the system redesign using technology to automate the picking path sequence for team members — optimizing both efficiency and accuracy.

Using the ABLE model, the team assessed what the customer wanted: a way to provide real-time feedback for their consumers while changing the process to move directed work through the facility.

Then, the team built a solution that allowed all picking to be done via the system. Instead of using paper pack slips — which required the team members to read, sort, and manually enter a pick path to efficiently pick products — the system could tell the team member what location to go to, what item to pick, and what quantity to get. The new system not only saved time, it also improved Safety. It helped prevent excess lifting while reducing travel time at the facility.

When they evaluated the efficacy of the project, the results were significant: the e-commerce retailer gained additional business by eliminating manual processes. The customer grew their business while both the facility and the customer saw huge savings.

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QAT Member Inspired by Quality Driven Management
Alesha Aleman, a manager at FedEx SupplyChain® (a subsidiary of FedEx Logistics), has always been a quality enthusiast, so QDM is something she related to when she joined FedEx in 2013.

Her enthusiasm for QDM is contagious. Every day, she applies her learning, setting an example for others about how to effectively implement QDM. She has also made it her mission to train her employees.

One of the things Alesha found most difficult to explain to her trainees is that QDM doesn't add more work to their schedule. Using the ABLE process and following the steps can actually save time and resources by addressing the root cause of the problem to be solved.

Alesha encourages leveraging QDM throughout your day. She says all team members should "Utilize the 6 QDM Principles to help generate ideas and provide guidance throughout a project. Rely on the Quality Tools to support your efforts, essentially streamlining and removing non-value-added time searching for resources. Whether large or small, any project can be supported by QDM, accomplishing a successful, sustainable, and repeatable solution. Together, through QDM, we can develop solutions to problems across the network, eliminating rework, and optimizing People-Service-Profit."